Drawing predominantly on the concepts of leadership covered in topics six to ten, discuss which concepts you have found most helpful in developing a more critical understanding of your personal and professional growth as a leader in your workplace. You will need to fully explain and justify your response. In order to support your argument you must: draw upon the concepts of leadership covered in topics six to ten: i.e., adaptive leadership, leadership styles, leadership identity and challenges, sustainable leadership and leadership as a career; link your discussion to specific examples of leadership encountered in current or past workplaces and/or nonwork settings in order to illustrate and deepen your discussion; draw on readings and literature from topics six to ten as well as other relevant scholarly literature; and incorporate TWO forum postings. One must be a posting of your own and the other must be a responsive posting to one of your peers. NB: You may draw on concepts drawn from topics one to five, but the main focus of your discussion should be the concepts explored in topics six to ten. Word count/equivalent: 4000 words


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