Attend two live JAZZ concerts. Concerts attended that do not feature jazz music will not be accepted.. These concerts must be accompanied by a 1.5-2 page, typewritten and thoroughly proofread. A ticket stub and/or program or a “selfie” taken at the venue in FRONT OF THE BAND PERFORMING must be submitted to me as proof of your attendance. I encourage you to attend jazz concerts presented by the SJSU Jazz Department. For a list of jazz concerts at SJSU, check the calendar on the School of Music website:

In addition to whatever you feel is significant to say about your experience, you must also list:

  1. the instruments that were played
  2. review at least 3 songs
  3. the performers names
  4. the time
  5. the date
  6. the venue
  7. the price of the event
  8. a detailed account of your personal impressions of the music (what you liked and disliked about it and why).

  9. Discuss the type of rhythm, style, tempo, form, meter, melody, and improvisation to the best of your listening ability.


Concert Report #1
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