In a large enterprise, strategic decision covers three groups of people. They are business owners focused on the board or supervisory board, top management, and strategic management department. Among them, there is some division of labor. The process of strategic decision making takes place mostly in teams, whose composition is heterogeneous in terms of education, gender, age, experience, and functional jurisdiction. Top teams work to bring many ideas, constructive criticism, and influence other managers and also prevent the action of various cognitive errors, deviations from rationality, and personality traits of managers. Therefore, it is a large‐scale enterprise that is more difficult for the head of the senior team to dominate the process of strategic decision making.

In small corporations, a strategic decision is focused on one or two persons (owner‐manager or silent partner) and therefore is heavily influenced by the personality of the decision maker, its characteristics, subjective attitudes, and motivation [8]. Manager, often the owner, must have a managerial role as decision making and interpersonal or information. Who does not delegate a wide range of activities necessary for strategic decision making. An entrepreneur solver disputes allocator of resources, negotiators, leaders, coordinators, representatives, observers in one person, and at the same time should think strategically and be visionary.

In small corporations, there is no formal model of strategic decision making. Decision making is less complicated, passes through a few levels of management, therefore, is more centralized, it does not require extensive formal procedures, bureaucratic records, or documentation. Equal implementation requires significant and complex processes associated with communication and coordination activities. Small corporations have a few people on the acquisition, processing, and interpretation of vast amounts of information that are often ambiguous and it is necessary to understand them.


consequences for the performance of the company
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