Individual Assignment



Objective 1: Learn to analyze the consumer decision making process using Multi-attribute Attitude Model


Objective 2: Learn to analyze retailer’s financial performance using income statement, balance sheet and strategic profit model.


  1. Construct a multi-attribute model for ONE purchase decision of your choice
  1. Given the following information, construct an income statement for the Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. and determine if there was a profit or loss in 2001 (Figures are in $000).


Sales                                     $3,015,534

Cost of Goods Sold             $2,020,954

Operating Expenses             $   193,628

Interest Expense                  $     15,188

Taxes                                    $     67,807

Hint: please provide both columns in dollar amount and in percentage.

  1. Using the following information taken from the 2001 balance sheet and 2001 income statement for Lands’ End, Inc., develop a strategic profit model (figures are in $000).

Sales                                                                      $1,448,230

Cost of Goods Sold                                                   758,792

Operating Expenses                                                   575,662

Interest Expense                                                1,350

Inventory                                                       227,220

Accounts Receivable                                                   13,297

Other Current Assets                                            162,067

Accounts Payable                                            83,363

Notes Payable                                                       0

Other Current Liabilities                                 102,201

Fixed Assets                                                               196,536

Long-term Liabilities                                                            0

Follow these steps for question #2:

  1. make an income statement and calculate net profit margin
  2. calculate total asset and asset turnover
  3. Calculate return on asset.

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Construct a multi-attribute model for ONE purchase decision of your choice
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