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  1. Use your professor’s feedback returned in Week 5 to further develop your research focus, method choice, and corresponding design you proposed to use to explore your focus.
  2. Add a first draft of the study’s purpose sentence.
    1. The purpose sentence should be concise and should be written verbatim the same each time it is used throughout a research study.
    2. The goal of the purpose sentence is to state the intent of the research.
    3. The purpose sentence should contain the following elements:
      1. research method (e.g., qualitative)
      2. research design (phenomenological approach on Student Responsiveness to African American Male Educators in the Urban VS. Suburban School Setting)
      3. specific population
      4. research setting and the general geographic location of the study (avoid exact locations to ensure confidentiality of participants) – East Mecklenburg Country NC (urban) Northern Cabarrus County (suburban)
      5. the purpose sentence should align perfectly with the problem statement developed during the Week 5 assignment
  3. The purpose statement is a short, concise paragraph that indicates how the study is a logical research response to the problem and the research questions.
    1. The purpose sentence is the first sentence in the purpose statement and typically begins with the phrase to indicate method and research approach: “The purpose of the phenomenological study is…”
    2. Do not use direct quotes in the purpose statement; the purpose concerns your original study, so citations are not included.
    3. The purpose statement provides a brief but clear step-by-step overview of how the study will be conducted.
    4. The purpose statement includes the variables/constructs, materials/instrumentation, and a statement of how you will analyze the data.
    5. Included is the target population and the sample size you will need.

Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards.ATTACHMENTSwitherspoon_week_5_problem_statement_feedback_.docx

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Construct an Educational Research Purpose Sentence and Purpose Statement
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