The contemporary Artist you will be researching on is: Ursula von Rydingsvard Instructor’s Instruction: You will be given two weeks for this assignment in which you will become an expert on a contemporary artist who addresses some aspect of community (in the very broadest sense) and you’ll “curate” a mini exhibition which will be posted to our class site. So, as a classroom community we will collaborate on a curated on-line gallery of contemporary artists who address the topic of this core seminar- community- through their artistic practice. You will need to do a week’s worth of varied, reliable, plentiful, and thorough research online making sure to document all sources as you will need to provide a bibliography to the instructor when you post your “curated” exhibition. Always pay attention to the individual work of art that may be the best five examples of this artist’s work for your “exhibition.” Your curatorial statement will be two to three pages and it should be formally-written, cited, well-written, and free from error. You will also provide five works that are representative of the artist’s mature work and address the notion of community in some way. You should NOT concentrate on introductory biographical information other than birth date and nationality (unless the information is crucial to the artist’s practice). Don’t discuss his or her education, family information, etc…. Focus on the providing the context and motivation for the body of work/s you have chosen. You will provide five images of works which you identify completely (artist, title, date, medium, location, and dimensions). You may include up to three detail images for each work if they add to our understanding. You will need to provide a short caption for each work explaining how it fits into the artist’s dialogue with some aspect of community. The work of this artist is incredibly varied in media and concept and so I would suggest that you do some preliminary research on her. Note this artist (Ursula von Rydingsvard) has been featured on art21 and the art21 website has information for educators with sources Learning Resource:

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