I’m working on a supply chain project and need an explanation to help me study.
The RFP will normally include (key elements):

  • Project Name
  • Project overview
  • Background section – of company and business
  • Problem that needs to be solved/project goals
  • Principal point of contact
  • Budget
  • Evaluation criteria that will be used to select the winner
  • Description of the tasks that must be completed by the winning bidder
  • Format and proposal timeline

Important things to keep in mind while filling out a RFP:

  • Add the company name that is issuing the RFP
  • Add the company’s contact information
  • Include background information on company
  • Add the name of the person preparing the RFP
  • Add the identification number for the RFP
  • Indicate what services are being requested
  • Add name of project and address of project worksite
  • Specify goal of project
  • Indicate project scope and specifications
  • Provide list of project milestones/proposed project timeline
  • Specify timeline for RFP process – when is the RFP response due?
  • Indicate point of contact
  • Indicate whether bidders are required to respond with a letter of intent stating whether they will submit or decline to submit a proposal
  • Indicate whether a bidders’ meeting will be held for the RFP
  • Specify what bidders must submit with their proposal
  • Specify if bidders must provide references (past clients)

Requirements: As required by the file I uploaded.

Create and submit a Request for Proposal.