This is what we do in Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

  • Devise theories and methods to improve human interaction with computers
  • Design and develop computer interfaces that connect individuals and groups
  • Study human intelligence to create better machine intelligence

This is what we do for the world in HCI

  • Design desktop, mobile and medical devices that sense user needs
  • Create shared work applications that increase successful collaboration
  • Complement human abilities with artificial intelligence and robotic skills

This is what we do in interactive media and art

  • Create 2-D and 3-D animation and visualizations
  • Explore the best use of digital media to solve problems in  education, health care and entertainment
  • Study and design  the structure of information and its aesthetic presentation
  • Build simulation and virtual reality environments

This is what we do for the world in interactive media and art

  • Employ digital tools to create learning experiences that engage all the senses
  • Create educational computer games that immerse users in useful learning through casual and serious play
  • Design and develop interactive websites for business, education and medical enterprises
  • Model new platforms for learning

This is what we do in business

  • Develop information tools to capture and analyze data to create better business intelligence
  • Design decision support systems to assist business leaders
  • Create software tools that automate warehouses and factories

This is what we do for the world in business

  • Integrate computer technology into vital business operations
  • Provide tools that manage global supply chains
  • Drive the innovation businesses need to be competitive in the 21st century

This is what we do in communities

  • Create information and communication technologies that bridge cultural gaps
  • Build geographic information systems that map our communities and help with urban planning
  • Use technology to promote government participation and voting


Creating 3-D animations to help explain surgery to patients
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