The goal in this assignment is to conceive of and design a new social media platform. You grade is NOT based on how cool your idea is or how successful I think it would be as a social media platform, it is based on how effectively you describe and detail it. BE SPECIFIC AND BE REALISTIC. Do not just try to cram all the features of every social media platform into one mega site. You are NOT being graded on how many features it has or, again, on how successful it will be. You are being graded on how effectively you explain your rationale for the choices you make. You should consult (Links to an external site.) on tips for designing your site. Your essay MUST: – identify the target audience/s (will it be narrow, broad, what are the target demographics? why?) – identify basic branding/design elements (how will it look and feel to users? Why?) – identify the main features (what will users do while on the site? what features will you NOT focus on? why?) – identify the basic advertising/brand. (What type of messaging will you do to raise awareness and add distinction to your brand?) – What makes your site unique compared to its closest competitors (be specific – once you decide what you are doing look to see what’s out there and compare and contrast to at least TWO other sites). Again, you do not have to be a computer engineer, a graphic designer or a marketing expert. What I am looking for is your reasoned explanation of your choices based on your own life experiences, our “discussion” of branding, social media marketing and experience economies. You will succeed in this assignment if you are specific, explanatory and your choices are based on reason and the resources just listed.


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