I want this paper to be a satire about climate change. I want two friends to be sitting in LA one friend believes in climate change while another mocks it despite the fires erupting around them and the poor air quality and science that supports climate change. The instructions are below:

This assignment is 3.5-5 pages long. Please use MLA format. You may also use images to enhance your work, but your writing still needs to be at least 3.5, MLA formatted, pages. (the 3.5 page minimum also applies to vignettes) Make absolutely sure that your work is thematically focused/cohesive and dense with humor. If done correctly, the reader should be able to pick up on the theme or message very quickly and decode or interpret it in a word, a statement or sentence, such as a political satire or cartoon about race and politics or a poem mocking plastic surgery and pointing to the superficiality of our society. You may use your own experience as a point of inspiration for this, but the end result needs to point to a GROUP or CLUSTER to which ALL audiences can relate.

You are mocking a group or archetype often done in sarcastic (Links to an external site.) manner. This may be presented as the stereotypical politician, uncle, driver, parent, student, bodybuilder etc, where the politician becomes a bureaucrat, the uncle the family drunk, the driver, the road rager, the parent, overbearing, the student a nerd, and the bodybuilder a gym rat, and the goal is to renounce them and call out the flaws in a humorous fashion. If you are still confused, read the assignment specifications again and watch the clips provided on the same document. If you are still confused, read the Onion or hunt for satire and parody samples online.

Don’t forget the title of your work please! The title should be tongue-in-cheek (Links to an external site.) as well if possible.

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