critical thinking homework.

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List the conclusion and premises. Also, diagram the argument.
“I love Reason [magazine], but [regarding a previous article by Nick Gillespie] I’m wondering if all the illegal drugs that Nick Gillespie used to take are finally getting to him. He has a right to speak out against President Bush, but when we refers to him as ‘the millionaire president who waited out the Vietnam War in the Texas Air National Guard,’ it reminds me of the garbage rhetoric that I might see if I were reading Ted Rall, or Susan Sontag, or one of the other hate-mongering, American-bashing, leftist whiners. That kind of ad hominem attack is not only disrespectful to a man who is doing a damned good job as commander-in-chief (with approval ratings of more than 80 percent); it detracts from the whole point of the article.”

critical thinking homework.