Learning outcomes assessed:
1. Demonstrate a critical understanding ofemerging themes as informed by research and the marketplace.
2. Critically analyse evolving trends inbusiness management in order to provide robust strategic solutions toorganisations.
3. Proactively source and apply research toinform operational and strategic decisions in different organisationalcontexts.
4. Critically evaluate a range of alternativecourses of action in order to solve

Assignment Questions
Seen Case Analysis related to Learning Outcomes1, 3, and
This assignment requires students to researchinto the emerging themes within the business sector related to their programmeof study and use the evidence gathered to inform operational and strategicdecisions. Students should apply their critical understanding of relevantemerging themes to formulate alternative courses of action necessary.
The following case studies provide the necessarybackground required for you to complete this assessment
Read ONE case study that is relevant to yourspecialism of study (as provided below): 

Case study 3:
For students undertaking the followingprogramme:
• BSc (Hons) Business Management with E-Commerce

Link to case study: 

Coursework Brief TASK
Students should review the case study providedand undertake the following:
1. Critically evaluate the case study, outliningthe ways in
which the identified relevant emerging themesmight impact on the current business strategies relating to the identifiedorganisation or sector.
Your critical discussion should include acritical analysis of the ways in which those themes might affect the appropriatenessof existing organisational policies and practices.
Areas of focus can include any combination ofthe following:
1. Political environments
2. Technological advancements
3. Demographic changes
4. Social trends and shifts
5. Industry globalisation
6. Legal transformations 
7. Global economic issues

Critically evaluate how those themes identifiedcould affect the operational and/or strategic decision-making necessary toshape organisations within the broad sector over the next five years. Your answershould use contemporary examples of how those emerging themes have started tobe addressed within your business sector.
3. Provide justified recommendations for coursesof actions that organisations within the broad sector can take
to ensure that they are able to manage theeffects of those
emerging themes effectively.
The assessment submission should be produced ina report format. Below is an indicative content outline:
1. Title Page
2. Table of Contents: A list of all thechapters, sections, headings, and subheadings. Appendices and Figures may
be provided as well as all page numbers.
3. Introduction: This should show that you haveunderstood the brief and that you will cover everything required.
4. Findings and Analysis: Please break into thesections defined above; numbered headings and sub-headings should be used toindicate clearly the different sections; charts, diagrams and tables can beused to reinforce your arguments.
Conclusion: This provides an end to your reportthrough a summary of the important points (main claim and supporting evidences)in your discussion. Remember not to include
any new material here. 

Reference list: A list of all cited work withinyour report, using the Harvard style of referencing.

Student Guidance
The main body of the report should providecritical discussion of the current and future impacts of the identifiedemerging themes of the case study organisation and/or
relevant business sector within the programmestudy. The
assignment aims to assess students’ ability toidentify the key emerging theme(s) within their business sector and theirrelevance within the case study. You should carry out additional researchwithin the topic area to inform your critical understanding of the majorimpacts of the theme(s) upon the business sector within your programme ofstudy. In your research, students should demonstrate how their analysis can beused to provide the necessary strategic solutions to address them withinorganisations. Students should be able to demonstrate their ability to engagein critical debate on the contemporary issues affecting their business sector.It is important to note that the focus of the assignment is to consider howthese emerging themes can impact upon the overall organisational strategy andits decision-making processes. Students must demonstrate wider reading withintheir own discipline and the ways in which this research can inform evidencedbased decision- making processes.
End of Assignment Brief


Critically evaluate a range of alternative courses of action in order to solve problems in market places
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