Critique of Nursing Theories

Please do not plagiarize, my school use turn in point. All references should from 2015 and above. Dear writer I need 5 more pages from the 3 pages you have already wrote, see attachments below Students will apply the following guidelines to the critiques of nursing theory: Introduction Select a grand or broad theory and a mid-range theory of nursing practice. Use the “Guide for the Description of Theory” and “Guide for the Critical Reflection of Theory” (Chinn & Kramer, 2018, Chapter 8) to critique the theories selected. Compare and contrast the broad and mid-range theory. Using the broad theory as a framework, describe a client situation and expected outcomes. Outline the process of advanced practice as articulated within the theory selected. Using the mid-range theory, describe how an advanced practice nurse would facilitate the outcomes identified in the broad theory. (A diagram of theories as they are applied to the client may be included). Conclusion Refer to the WORD exemplar I created for you when you wrote your Concept Analysis paper as an APA guide. Change the running head, title, and headings to reflect the Critique of Nursing Theories paper. Your level one headings for the critique paper should be: Selected Theory, Critiquing the Theory, Comparing & Contrasting the Theory, Theory Application, The Process of Advanced Practice, Facilitating Outcomes, and Conclusion. Grading rubric 1. Strongly conveys topic and delineates subtopics to be discussed in the body of text in the assignment. 2. Content strongly related to topic; strong organization and integration of content within subtopics; and strong transitions linking subtopics and main topic. 3. Strong scholarly, peer-reviewed support of topic; supporting materials are published within 5-7 years, as appropriate. 4. Strong summarization with synthesis and insightful discussion of topic conclusions. No new information is introduced into the conclusion.

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