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  1. Reduce DDHP to DLP
  2. Explain why even adversaries with computationally unlimited resources cannot break an information–theoretically secure cipher.
  3. Show that if there exists a poly–time algorithm to solve DLP, there exists a poly–time attack on DH that allows to derive the session key from information, publicly exchanged by the communicating par- ties over an insecure communication channel, as well as from publicly available common knowledge.
  4. Show that a cryptosystem, that is indistinguishable under chosen plain- text attack and is homomorphic with respect to multiplication, is not indistinguishable under adaptive chosen ciphertext attack.
  5. Show that a cryptosystem that is indistinguishable under adaptive chosen ciphertext attack is indistinguishable under chosen plaintext attack. Hint: to show this, show that distinguishability under cho- sen plaintext attack implies distinguishability under adaptive chosen plaintext attack.
  6. Show that all proper values of the RSA public exponent are odd.
  7. Show that if there exists a poly-time algorithm to factor integers, then there exists a poly-time attack on RSA that can be used to derive a private exponent out of a public exponent and an RSA modulus
  8. You have a message m that you need to be signed by Alice. How do you obtain Alice’s signature on m without Alice knowing what m is? Describe the process in details.

Requirements: .doc file

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Cryptography – RSA, DDHP to DLP quiz
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