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Students are required to submit a 1,500-word research essay, word-processed with in-text references, footnotes (if appropriate) and a list of references. The purpose of the essay is to allow you to develop research skills and the ability to construct and present an argument.
You can either (1) choose to write an essay on one of the questions listed in the section of ‘Assessment’ of the module outline; or (2) write an essay on a topic of your own choosing. In the latter case, the topic MUST be approved by the Module Organiser ahead of your starting to research and write the essay.
An essay should be
• Analytical rather than descriptive: move on from the ‘what’ of a question to the ‘why’ and how’.
• Clearly structured: your arguments will have more impact if you present them within a clear, logical structure; use your introduction to set out the research topic and a statement of your key arguments, and then develop your arguments through the body of your essay; your conclusion should summarize the main issues covered in your essay.
• Based on wide reading: you are expected to draw on a range of sources in your essay in addition to any sources provided in the module’s reading lists. Credit will also be given for the relevance of sources chosen, and for the use that you make of them in your essay.
• Accurately and consistently referenced, with all materials taken from other sources attributed at point of use: failure to reference properly will lose you marks and may constitute plagiarism. You must use the SEAS referencing guidelines available on the module outline.
• 1500 words in length, with an acceptable margin of 10% either side, that is, between 1350 and 1650 words. Please include a word count at the end of your essay. The word count includes the main body of the essay and in-text references but not footnotes (if appropriate) and references. Excessively long essays, especially where they contain irrelevant material, will be marked down, as will excessively short essays.
• Written in appropriate academic language: avoid slang, check spelling and grammar.
• Word-processed. The essay should be 1.5 spaced, in a font of a reasonable size (Times Roman 12pt; or Arial 11pt) and has margins of 2.5cm on all sides.
• Please use an essay cover sheet, and use the question you choose as the essay title. Please do not include an abstract or a table of content which is usually only required for a dissertation or project.

Requirements: 1500

Cultural Studies Question