Discussion #3An introduction to Power StandardsBased on your readings and the 4 videos that you’ll find in the Week 3 module, our discussion will focus on Power Standards and how this idea can be of use as you try to prioritize the many standards that you and your colleagues are expected to address in the classroom.Questions to address in your posting:1) What are Power Standards, and what is their relationship to curriculum mapping?2) How are assessment and curriculum mapping related?3) Does your district (current or other district(s) with which you’ve worked or are familiar) try to “prioritize” the standards for which teachers are responsible through this process or another process? If so, please describe the process. If not, how do you think this process might (or might not) help your district?4) Thinking about the standards which you use in your own grade level / subject (and there are probably a lot of them!): What would be two or three Power Standards which you would select? Include the reference number, text of the standard, and a brief explanation of why you would pick each as a power standard.

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