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-Cushing’s Syndrome

Report should include:

Hard cover ( Plastic Cover,or hard cover page)

Title page

Index page

Body of the paper requirements:

-minimum 5 pages, double space and font # 12

-Introduction as your first paragraph

-Main text [no more than 5 pages]

-Conclusion as your last paragraph


-References [more than 3]

It has to include:

-Explain why did you chose the topic and its relation with the material covered in this course . (It is for Anatomy and Physiology class)

– Concept: a short paragraph that summarizes the medical condition

– Causes: What are the causes of the medical condition?

– Symptoms and signs

Symptoms: What the patient refers to the Doctor\

Signs: What the Doctor sees, measure, or listen with instruments and maneuvers

– Diagnosis: Tools used to arrive to the diagnosis (Ex: MRI, RX, Labs).

– Treatments

– Prognosis: outcome, chances of recovery.

– Pictures.

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Cushing’s Syndrome report
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