• BOOK THAT WE USE: Introduction to psychology second edition Deborah M. Licht • FIRST: Read chapter 11 and watch this clip of an episode of What Would You Do? Focus on Immigration • This is the original episode that aired in 2009: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plaqunpTzvM&list=PLn5UZM3_9P8WI2A98J9H4hLdN3DBWV_Ra&index=2&t=0s • SECOND watch the updated episode above • Create a discussion board post that defines AND gives a specific example, of each of these concepts, from either video: Have you ever been personally subjected to prejudice/racism/discrimination/sexism/ableism/homophobia/transphobia/fatphobia/etc? o Prejudice (what’s an example from the video?) o Discrimination (what’s an example from the video?) o Racism (what’s an example from the video?) o Ethnocentrism (what’s an example from the video?) • • Have you even been the person who has victimized someone else? What do you personally do to reduce prejudice that you observe?What have you personally done to interrupt your observations of prejudice/racism/discrimination? • Tell us, what you feel comfortable disclosing, about either one in one paragraph. • What can we all do?

DEFINITIONS: An Introduction to Social Psychology o LO 1 Define social psychology and identify how it differs from sociology. o LO 2 Define social cognition and how we use attributions to explain behavior. o LO 3 Describe several common attribution errors. • Social Influence o LO 4 Explain the meaning of social influence and recognize factors associated with persuasion. o LO 5 Define compliance and explain some of the techniques used to gain it. o LO 6 Identify the factors that influence the likelihood of someone conforming. o LO 7 Describe obedience and explain how Stanley Milgram studied it. • Groups o LO 8 Recognize the circumstances that influence the occurrence of the bystander effect. o LO 10 Recognize how group affiliation influences the development of stereotypes. • Prosocial Behavior, Attraction, and Love o LO 11 Describe altruism.

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