1.State and explain various government policies that assist in managing and utilising natural resources.(25marks)
2.a)Define the concept “sustainable develnpment”(5marks)
b)Discuss the use amd relevance of sustainble development in the forests Act,No.7 of 2005.(10marks)
3.Citing relevant examples,examine the statutory provisions for managing,protecting and preserving aquatic resources in kenya.(15marks)
4.EMCA is a framework law that cures the anomalies hitherto experienced in the sectoral statues.Do you agree with this statement?Give reasons in support of your answer.(15marks)
5.a)Describe prohibited nuisances under the Public Health Act (5marks)
b)Discuss the role of local government authorities in the campaign towards achieving personal health and hygiene in urban areas.(10marks)
6.Write short notes on any three of the following:
a)Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora,(CITES)1973;
b)Environmental Impact Assessment;
c)The right to a clean and healthy environment;
d)Composition and functions of the water Board;
e)Sources of environmental law ;and
f)Convention om Biological Diversity,1992.(15marks)

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Define the concept "sustainable develnpment"
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