The essay is about how NHS pathology laboratories provide their service. What occurs before, during, after the sample has been in the lab.
Every lab has an SOP (Standard operating procedure)
Will have an SOP in every work place of a lab
Simple instructions on how methods are preformed and health and safety rules.
As well as how to conduct procedures also provides health and safety guidelines.
SOP document control, importance of official documentation.
Pre analytical process control
– Request forms(from ward/ doctor instructions of test to carry out )
– Identification of specimen throughout the process.
– Samples get rejected due to being inadequate for testing, miss labeling etc
– Transport- some need to be bagged/ refrigerated/ stored
Request forms differ from type of request eg- biochemistry/histology/microbiology.
Specimen Identification
– Request form and sample must have the same details on.
the essay should include information on:
-pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical functions
-Organisation of pathology and laboratory medicine including specialist services
-Professional bodies in pathology and laboratory medicine
-Quality management………………….
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Describe the components of total quality management in NHS laboratories

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