Student behavior can be improved if teachers interact with students more effectively,treating them with understanding, kindness, and respect.Positive communication by teachers improves the self-concept of students, whichproduces better classroom discipline.Congruent communication should be used because students cannot think right if theydo not feel right.Students can learn to be responsible and autonomous.Accepting and clarifying the feelings of students will improve their classroom behavior.The improper use of praise encourages student dependency on teachers.Punishment encourages student misconduct.Insulting students causes them to rebel.Promoting cooperation increases good discipline.Teachers can improve their relationships with students by ending their language ofrejection and using a language of acceptance, inviting students to cooperate ratherthan demanding that a behavior occur, providing acceptance and acknowledgment forstudent behavior, conferring dignity upon the students, expressing anger with “Imessages” versus “you messages,” using succinct language rather than overtalking, andproviding appreciative praise that describes student behavior rather than ability.Teachers need to model self-discipline to show their students how to deal with problem


describe the Ginott model,
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