Following appropriate use of design tools and techniques, including requirements analysis, idea and concept generation and concept selection a detailed concept should be proposed to satisfy the customer requirements. A report should detail the selected design proposals and should demonstrate clear understanding of:
 The requirement to be satisfied and the current state of art in the market place.
 Competitor analysis
 Forces associated with the operation and behaviour of your solution (Minimum expectations include free body diagrams, appropriate formulae, numerical values)
 Materials, manufacturing & cost. 
 Concept generation techniques, included detailed sketches.
 Concept selection methodologies.
 Consideration of material, manufacturing, cost.
 Safety and standard compliance
 Technological advancements in the product area
 3D models of your components and a Fully Assembly model
 2D drawings to BS8888, including a Bill of Materials
 Practicality, detail & validation of the final proposal to include DFMA and FMAE analyses
 Detailed Free Body Diagrams and appropriate engineering analysis in consideration of loads and stresses


Design and model a driveshaft and rear axle for a front engine system, rear wheel drive automotive vehicle. It is to include connections for engine/gearbox and rear wheels
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