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View the items listed in “Required Reading”. Make notes for review. See #5

above, read the critique information, and then write a comparison of the critiques

and the critique process.

1. Collect examples of each of elements and principles if design.

2. Find an image that in your opinion fails to use the elements and principles

well. Write a short critique of the image.

3. Find another image that does use elements and principles well. State why

you think as you do.

4. For #2, state which of the elements in the image you found is the most

prominent. For example, suppose you find a photograph of a resort

highlighting a long white beach. State which of the elements, e.g., texture is

most obvious. Is contrast, perspective or another element part of the image?

THMT/BUSI 2225: Design Management for Business and Tourism

Projects: There are two projects in this course. Your success in the second

project depends to a large extent on: (1.) how thoroughly you do Project 1, and

(2.) how well you learn the material in the course. Ask lots of questions; find lots

of answers. Use Internet resources, the information in your readings and you

instructor to help you develop a great project.

Criteria: Use A.P.A. format for all projects. A.P.A. format is the standard format

for all reports in the Department of Business and Tourism at MSVU. If you do not

know what A.P.A. format is Ask your instructor and consult the Internet.

Your report should be in standard academic format: 12 pt. Times New Roman

font, double spaced, correct grammar, spelling and use of English. You must site

all sources under the heading “references” to avoid committing plagiarism.

Requirements: Essay | 2 pages, Double spacedATTACHMENTSthmt2225_stickdorn_68_79.pdf


Design Management,APA
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