Suppose you are a manager at the company you work for or a company you would like to work for and you need to hire an experienced professional to join your team. Besides the experience, you want to make sure:

  • The candidate is aligned with your company´s values and culture.
  • The candidate has demonstrated adequate behavior and attitude thought difficult and complex situations he/she has faced in life.
  • The candidate has the abilities and knowledge necessary to contribute to the company.
  • The candidate is enthusiastic, fast learner and can work under pressure.

You should use all the knowledge you have learned from this class to identify how to conduct the interview.

Step 1

Select a real job opening either at the company you “work for” and post the link from Linked-in.

Step 2

Develop 5 questions that you would like to ask your candidate and that will guarantee you have enough information to make a decision. Use the script bellow as a guide.

Type of QuestionQuestionWhat do you expect to evaluate
Tacit knowledge or behavioral

Step 3

Select two people that could be interviewed for the position. Use the script to simulate the interview with the supposed candidates, as if you were the manager. Film and post the content.

For this assignment you have TWO deliverables: Interview script and a video with two interviews.

Develop 5 questions that one would ask an interview candidate and that will guarantee one have enough information to make a decision
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