Sarah is a 29 year old 1st time mom. Her prenatal labs: blood type A-, Rubella non-immune, all other labs negative. She is 2 days postpartum and is preparing for discharge. She had a spontaneous vaginal delivery of a 9 lb male infant. The delivery was complicated by shoulder dystocia which was resolved with use of McRoberts maneuver. The baby’s Apgars were 7 and 9, he required tactile stimulation and bulb suctioning past birth. She is currently breast feeding but has required support to get the baby to latch properly. Her family is very excited because this is the 1st male baby in 2 generations on her mother’s side of the family.

With the above scenario develop a concept map on discharge teaching for this 1st time mom. You must cover teaching on postpartum physiological and psychological care for mom and baby care teaching for the baby.


Please use a cover sheet and a reference page for your work. This is individual work and you must include the honor statement. this is the link for the video for drawing a concept map using Microsoft Word

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develop a concept map on discharge teaching for a patient
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