Hello there, In this sub-assignment we have to deliver a presentation to show the bachelor question you chose, and the thematic area. Some of those things you have already written in the prior sub-assignement, the question you can just freely choose one of the 2 you presentend prior. I will paste under the translation that explain the requirements: What is meant by a presentation? In this work requirement you must deliver a presentation. It may seem a bit unnatural to deliver a presentation without actually holding it, but this will give you as a student a good introduction to how to use Powerpoint. You should therefore deliver a Powerpoint document that is neat and easy to read, so that the person evaluating the presentation understands what you want to say with each foil. Here’s why it’s important to have a “golden middle ground”: Don’t fill every foil with text – this will be something heavy for the person watching. At the same time, you can not only have keywords and pictures, because then it is difficult to understand what you want with the presentation. Your manuscript for the presentation should be written in the note box of each slide. The note box can be found at the bottom of the page, below the file itself. Feel free to mark by number which points in the notes correspond to different substances in the file. Requirements and scope of your presentation It is expected that your presentation will be between 8-12 powerpointfoiler / slides and associated script. It’s not that much. This is because you should train yourself in selecting the information you find most central to what is being requested. You will deliver your powerpoint presentation in pdf format. The presentation should contain both text, but also other aids, such as pictures. It must be source-referenced for both the use of theory, as well as images and if you use movies. You should refer in a separate “slide” that comes to the end of your presentation, you should not, in the end, refer to it during your presentation. NB! In the box below your “slide”, when you make your presentation, “fill in” how you would present it. This is important as you use more key form in your powerpoint. See photo:( I m not adding photo since I assume you know how to make those descriptive boxes under). The problem ( bachelor question ) The problem can simply be presented as a question. You decide whether you want to include something about how to go about answering this problem or not. What keywords are you planning to use? How should you search the databases? These are possible topics to address in the presentation. Thematic area In addition to the problem, you should present something general about the topic area for your assignment. Let’s say your issue is “How does caffeine affect memory?” In this case, it would be natural to present something general about memory, different types of memory, and maybe something about caffeine and how it works on the brain and nervous system. You are therefore quite free in terms of how you want to present the problem and the topic area for your assignment.


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