PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIAL WORK: THE RELEVANCE OFPSYCHOLOGY TO SOCIAL WORK An individual lives in a society and different social processes influence theindividual‟s attitudes, beliefs and values etc. As individuals interact with theenvironment and through interaction gain knowledge and experiences, thereforeindividuals‟ behaviours are moulded by the environment. Psychology deals with activities of living organisms whereas social workpractices concerned with the situations where those activities take place.Psychology can make things easier for social worker in order to understand thesituation. It helps the social worker to understand the abilities, attitudes,personality, motivation of the individual and also facilities available in theenvironment of the person with whom the worker is dealing with. It provides anyinnovative solutions to reduce potential problems faced by the social workprofessionals. Social workers can save time and energy to find out the root causesof societal problems by interacting with the person who seeks help, his/her familymembers, friends etc. Social work concerns not only about the individual who usesthe service of the social worker, but it also takes place in a social context. Forexample, the case of a physically disabled person and the situation where theperson stays. The study of the human mind and behavior of the individual help thesocial worker to design an action plan to help the person. Psychology helps a socialwork professional service user in Understanding different activities of the individual Knowing the cause of the particular activity Knowing the positive and negative qualities of the individual Understanding intelligence, abilities, attitudes, motivation, aptitudes andpersonality of the person Understanding actions and interactions of the individual in the peer groupand causes of his activities Learning about the situation where an individual is Understanding his parents and other family members and the rearingprocess Understanding the problems of the individual and seek help


Differentiate between growth and development
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