Discuss how the expectations of litigation outcomes affect the settlement negotiation process.

Maximum word count: 5000 words. All footnotes and appendices are included in the word count. Coversheets, abstracts, tables of contents and bibliographies are not included in the word count. The word count must be stated on the cover sheet of your essay. University Academic Regulations do not permit you to exceed the published word limit and impose penalties for coursework that exceeds the word count max. These penalties are severe and cannot be negotiated. If in doubt about whether something counts or does not count towards the word count, talk to the Law Enquiries office. Note that the maximum word count is a restriction on the maximum length of your essay, not a recommendation on how long it should be (e.g. your essay does not have to be 4,999 words or close). It is your judgment what an effective length is given what your paper is about.
Plagiarism. Thou shall not plagiarise. This is a very serious issue and the penalties are severe and inflexible (e.g. you can be expelled for a serious case of plagiarism). Please consult the online University resources on what plagiarism means at University and what exactly Turnitin does. Do this carefully as the rules may be very different from your undergraduate institution. A useful summary, but not an exhaustive source of info.

Working links to articles referenced in the essay questions:
Lax, D. A., & Sebenius, J. K. (2006). 3-D Negotiation: Powerful Tools to Change the Game in Your Most Important Deals: Harvard Business Press.

Discuss how the expectations of litigation outcomes affect the settlement negotiation process
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