RealityTherapyStudents are self-regulating and can learn to manage their own behavior.Students learn responsible behavior by examining a full range of consequences for theirbehavior and by making value judgments about their behavior and its consequences.Student behavior consists of an effort to satisfy personal needs for survival, belongingand love, power, freedom, and fun.Students have a unique way of satisfying their own needs.Students cannot be forced to change what they believe about how best to satisfy theirneeds.There must be a warm, supportive classroom environment where students cancomplete quality work and feel good about themselves.Students should be asked to do only useful work, to do the best they can, and toevaluate their own work to improve upon it.Rules should be developed in the classroom.Teachers should establish a level of mutual respect with the students.Coercion should never be used in schools to control student behavior. If coercion isused, mistrust will prevail.


Discuss the similarities and differences of MRM and TRM from CRM.
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