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Please respond to all 3 writing prompts with full answers do not plagiarize answers alone can be half a page of work.

1. Social Statuses can be achieved or ascribed. Make a list of 5 statuses you hold and then group them into status sets — discuss how the sets work to set you as “high” or “low” status.Then talk about how you present yourself to maximize your social presentation of self.

For example, I am a Professor – achieved & high status. A PhD – achieved & high status. Work at a Community College – – achieved & lower status. This status set makes me of high status but working at a community college makes some people think I am less prestigious. To boost my status I remind them that I am published! I even tell people to, “Google Scholar me!”

https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=darby+e+southgate&oq=Darby+E+Sout (Links to an external site.)

My other status set is about family. I am a daughter – ascribed and low status. The youngest child – – ascribed and low status. In my family I am treated very differently than I am in society.

2. Using the film The Corporation as your evidence, have corporations traded with enemy states? What happens to them if they do?

3. How is gender malleable? Use sociological materials to explain how society determines the roles of sex and gender.

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