This is a reflective practice. Write an essay about your experience serving as a discussion leader. In your narrative, please make sure to discuss the following issues: The three questions you planned to use, and the questions that you actually used in class. Your thoughts behind the questions: why did you decide to ask these questions and how did you imagine they would serve your purposes. Describe any strategies you planned to work with your group. Explain what actually happened during the discussion, in particular how colleagues reacted and how you facilitated the communication. Note: 1. This essay is not a transcription of questions and answers. In other words, you should not simply record what you asked and what the team answered in this essay. Instead, this essay is about your “reflections” on what happened, what went well/not so well, and what you learned about leading a discussion. 2. You will need to refer to your team’s answers at some point, but you should only do so to offer evidence to support your reflections.


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