This is the question : For topic approval, you must include more specifics. For example, when I read your title, I am not specifically sure what your research will cover. Cyber Security is the Highest Threat to the IoT Infrastructure in what? In Heathcare? In What? Can you add something here to the title? IoT is a new age networking technology that has loop holes that are accessible to hackers and malware which can in turn destroying a network that an IoT device might be connected to, consequently, this means that there are many security vulnerabilities that need to be resolved in the network and hardware levels where? Do you have research (references) to back this up? For this study, the most valid population will be parties that have interacted with IoT devices in their homes and offices… ……….The population must be better defined. How would you apply qualitative and quantitative? For example, will one of your data collection methods be surveys or interviews? If so where would these interviews be conducted. Do you have access to your population?