I’m working on a management report and need an explanation to help me understand better.

based on the doc, please find chapter 3 and make 1 type of research.

please find chapter 4 and make it tally with the spss record database had been run.

after done, please proofreader and turnitin all the chapter 1 – 4.ATTACHMENTSchapter_4___thesis_on_factor_affecting_occupancy_rate_of_office_building_in_kl_city_centre__a_case_study_of_lth.docxthesis_on_factor_affecting_occupancy_rate_of_office_building_in_kl_city_centre__a_case_study_of_lth__brm2____chptr_1___3.docx20201227194133spss_run.doc20201228103519ezyzip__1_.zip

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