An argument of yes or no must be established. The question must be ANALYSED. Please avoid being descriptive. Please also refer back to the question in the essay. Make sure rough, brief background on what Avante garde is. With the key critics theories involved in it are also mentioned? . Also compare the cinema with mainstream cinema the similarities and differences against avante garde. How does effects contemporary society.
For Books and references please use 5 books 2 journals. Below will provide the key text to constantly bear in mind for the order. For the remaining 1 extra reference please use what is complete relevance to the essay:
e Grice, Malcolm. (2002) Experimental Cinema in the Digital Age, London, BFI
Adams Sitney, P. (2002) Visionary Film: The American Avant-Garde in the Twentieth Century,
Oxford: OUP………..
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Does an Avant-Garde cinema still exist in the contemporary era?