The ones below needs to get revised and what isrevised and have been added needs to be in RED Font Color please  (Regarding the Comments from the examiners).

Second page of this document continues with some infoabout the interview process etc.

Page 3; first interview…

Please find attached both documents (Previouslyprepared document and this one).

We have to make sure that all the findings – results –conclusion will be based on the real information (real data) & Coding needsto get explained perfectly with the results.

Chapters which thesis needs to have

Chapter 1: Introduction,

Chapter 2: Literature Review,

Chapter 3: Research Methodology,

Chapter 4: Data (Results) (8pages) – min 15references excluding the references

Chapter 5: Data Analysis (Discussion) (8 pages) – min 20 references excluding the references

Chapter 6: Conclusions & Recommendations (8 pages) – min 20 references excluding the references

Chapter 7: Suggested Program’s Context (6 pages) – min 20 references excluding the references

Regarding the Results “Suggested Program’s Context”

            Regarding the Results; as a next step, we are expectedto create a program in the future. On this level, we need to give main topicsand levels of the Future Program. Main Question: How you will makethis company to get better?

Comments from the Examiners

Page 2 require a reference source for statement regardingcompanies operating in same sector likely to encounter similar challenges oridentify that this is anecdotal as this is a key strength in doing thisresearch.

When looking at Aims you should also indicate recognition thatthis small study cannot be generalised out to all similar companies and so yourgoals only pertain to your company, but further larger studies are required ifapproach to be promoted to other companies.

Literature review; consider putting in some material on changemanagement and organisational change as this is what you seem to be looking at.

In terms of the research design you are using a mixed methods approach however thereare a few questions about this. In your aims you indicated you were looking todevelop a framework and strategy from the study, however you have not indicatedwhich part of your research would provide you with the information to do this.You need to recognise that descriptive data cannot be used to infer wherechange is needed this can only be done from inferential data and so you need tobe clearer where each of your research strands is linked to the research aims.In indicating that there were criteria for selection for your sample you needto identify what these criteria were. You need to indicate in your numbers why30 was seen as appropriate just putting in a reference source is not sufficient.The section on Inferential data approachshould follow directly after overall research design and before sampleselection for flow and linkage. 

In your data analysis you need to identify who is involved withthe coding.  For validity and reliability If there is more than 1 personthere needs to be agreement prior to coding as to what categories are (giveacademic references for that).

Dear Writer; for the coding please use name Assoc Prof Dr A. G.from Cyprus how is qualitative research professor.

&veryimp: examiners needs to see Manager 1’s and Employee 1’s coding clearly (pleasesend it as an extra attachment) It should not be part of the pages that I amrequired to submit.

They want to make sure that all data is based on right codingand real interviews. 

In terms of the observation and ethics how are you going toengage with this what information will those being observed have on the processand what tools will be used to support the observations. What will you have inplace for the storage of data and what tength of time will it be kept for.

As you informed us, data collection and analysis of it took moretime that you were planning. You need to revise your timescale table which willbe ending on the First week of February 2019.

Do not keep your pages almost empty. Use the pages efficiently. Usenarrow layout.


29 Employee and 7 managers attended to the interviewprocess (numbers needs to get revised in all document)

In total they had 8 managers

1 manager refused to attend to the interview

I stayed in the company 5 full days. As anobservation; employee looks happy and continuously running from here to there.

In the morning while they are uploading the lpgs tothe cars it looks so busy.

Then it’s like company is getting empty. Only theemployees that they work at the offices stays in the company.

When the general assistant manager is around, peoplethey act like soldier. As I learnt he is retired soldier.

When General Manager is around, it is obvious thatemployees they respect and like him lots. They smile. General Manager talks tothem ask how they are etc.




Part 1.

A.      ForManagers

i.        Doesthe management have a good understanding of the employees’ talents? How do youknow that?

 Theones that I have personally encountered, I try to understand what their talentsand skills are to a certain extent but I can only understand to a certainextent, not greatly. In regards of understanding the talents of my employees Ijust trust to the education that I had to acquire my dream carrier and this hasprovided me lots of benefits. The knowledge that I get while doing my mastersdegree on the “human resoruces management” subject helped me a lot, and my bestfriend is a clinical psychologist thus I get lots of trainings and this helpedme a lot. Moreover, I am always interested in psychology, reading about usefulstuff and I got several educations and I read books about language andeverything so I believe that my skills on these issues are above the average. Ido not trust to my knowledge 100% of course but when I compare myself to anaverage person and let’s say that the average person is 50%, I can count myself as 65%. So when I go back and think about what was my initialunderstanding of a person’s talent, I can consider that my initial judgementswere not too bad as I have the historical data in my hand as well. It has beenmore than 10 years that I am working with some of my employees so I had thatinspiration 10 years ago and then I see their results within those 10 years.When I measure their results, I think I have more understanding of what are thetalents of our managers. I work directly with the managers but not with theemployees so I believe that I have more undertsanding of the talents of themanagers.

In regards to the specific measurements,we have not done any specific extensive systematic approach to measure theirtalents but we do have some evaluation methodologies and they helped a lot aswell. So I have tried to explain what is my understanding about our employeesand on the other hand I try to consider our managers and their understanding ofemployee’s talents. Our human resources management department is not at thelevel that I want it to be yet so we do not have systematic approach to readand understand. Thus, our managers have got more chance to get encountered withtheir employees so the way we measure their skills are due to the capacity oftheir managers. When I try to guess (guessing based on education) thecapability of our managers, some of them I do think they are doing well inregards to measure the talents & capability of their employees (bothmeasuring the strong and weak skills) however for some managers they areinadequate with the interpersonal relationships so they do not really get agood clue about the talents of their employees. For the other managers, I dobelieve that they have a good clue about the talents of their employees. Imeasure these by trying to guess the talents of the managers first, so if amanager has a good interpersonal skills, it is more likely for the employee tohas a good interpersonal skills. Some of the managers are a lot more target(focused) oriented and they try to measure the talents of their departmentsbased on their targets so approaches like this has better understading ofmeasuring the performance with a specific indicator so with those managers I dohave more faith that they do measure their employee’s talents well.

We would like to start up a new programme,and we will provide higher budget for the training for employees but not forthe all employees as it would be very expensive (costly) for our company. Thus,we are planning to do some investigations, and according to thoseinvestigations if we discover that we will need a position that we need it inthe future and if we do not have an employee already in that specific position,we will search for an individual that has got necessary potential and talent,and we will train them. We are not investing too much on employees as we do notknow whether they will continue to work with us or not, so we have to searchfor that individual that already has that potential and hire them to work withus.

Sometimes we realize that someone couldhave the potential but they are not ready for that position. We generally wantto sign a contract with them for 10 years to make sure that they will staywithin the company and then we educate them. Afterwards, when an individual geteducated enough we can change their positions. Thus to be able to invest moneyon an employee we have to be sure that he/she will stay with us and they mustbe willing to get educated. For example, the manager of lpg department, Mr.Orhan, will benefit from this programme. We have several companies and Intergazis one of them. Thus, we are planning to create a position called “marketingdirector” with an individual who is not working within Intergaz, but working inanother company of ours. The marketing director will be managing all themarketing managers within intergaz and other companies as well. I believe Mr.Orhan has a talent to do this but his academic knowledge is not enough yet. Thus,if we provide the necessary education to him, I think he will has the potentialto accomplish this position. He is highly motivated to learn and develophimself in these areas as he is very talented in the marketing area and on theone to one communication with the customers. He has the potential and he iscapable of doing this job even though he is not educated enough. Thus weoffered him to be our marketing director within two years, and by this offer hewill get promotion and his wage will increase. Additionally, he will get anintensive training within these 2 years and will be ready for his upcomingposition. We are designing a specific programmes with Mr. Orhan as he knows(aware of) his weaknesses so that the programme will close his gaps. At thesame time, we are working with a professional who is evaluating and revealingthe weaknesses of Mr. Orhan. We are also planning for Mr. Orhan to get adistance learning degree about marketing from a British or European Universityas they offer very good programmes. I think these courses would be verybeneficial. I think he is very good at negotiating and all the investments thatwe put on him to develop his negotiations skills, they paid off quickly. Thus,we will get more formal negotiation skills probably. Additionally, I have plansfor my self as well as I feel like I have developed my self for the past 4years , but  now I am stuck in the sameplace. I was getting trainings within Cyprus and they were helping me but now Ifeel like I have to develop my self further. Thus I am trying to find out atraining programme in order to develop myself. In my opinion, we will get theprogrammes together with Mr. Orhan. Some of the programmes that are much morespecific in the area of marketing, Mr. Orhan will take it alone but for therest such as negotiating skills, leadership skills, we will take them togetheras this will be a good opportunity for us to discuss the issues together. Thisopportunity will start with Mr. Orhan but we will go further and educate ourevery employee. We will give the chance of education to every single of them.However, this aforementioned programme (marketing director), is not a rewardfor someone who is very good at their job but it is a programme for specificposition for the future. We mentioned about this programme to our managers andasked their opinions whether they have someone suitable for this programme intheir mind or not. We asked their opinions as they are the ones who know thepotential of their departments and if they do have someone in their mind theycan inform us and we can evaluate that person. Thus we wanted to get the cluesfrom managers, board of directors and shareholders and with those clues we dothe evaluations with the managers. The board of directors are the ones thatwill end up with a decision. Thus, this programme is not decided only by myselfand the decision is given by the board of directors as these programmes arevery  beneficial but they are also verycostly. Unfortunately we do not have a budget that we can spend 20 000 poundsfor every single employee but we will invest money for an individual who hasthat potential and talent.

ii.       Doesthe management spend time with individual employees and ask questions that canhelp in understanding them (the employees) better?

 Ithink this depends on department as well. We do not necessarily encourage allthe managers to do this as we do not have a specific methodology. By this Imean, we do not give a couching training for the managers so they coach theiremployees based on their own rights. Thus we leave these to the individuals. Soit depends to the personality of the manager whether they do spend time or not.According to my observations, for several departments I do think that they dospend good amount of time to be able to understand each other but some of themapproach very mechanically towards their employees, does not spend time onunderstanding them and do not ask questions.


Does the management spend time with individual employees and ask questions that can help in understanding them
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