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Draw 3 concept sketches for your full product.

On each sketch, label key components or sub-systems, and very briefly (less than 30 words) describe which ideation method led you to the idea/ideas in the sketched machine (e.g., reframing with words on function x, or name of the TRIZ principle resolving conflict between requirements a & b).

The sketches can be hand-drawn, but they should be scanned (distortion-free) and visible; check your file before submission.

Each sketch must be on a separate page.

Upload all 3 sketches in 1 pdf file. You are scored based on the variety, novelty, and quality of ideas. Each sketch must show a full product, addressing most if not all of its intended functions. Novelty, 10 points, is determined by unique ideas for 2 functions (regardless of which sketch it is in) of the product within the group (in other words, for 2 functions, your idea should be unique, completely different from your other teammates). Variety, 10 points, is determined by how different 2 functions per sketch or 6 functions in total are achieved by different ideas. Quality is determined by your most feasible idea, 7 points, and the feasibility of your novel ideas, 3 points.ATTACHMENTS

Draw 3 concept sketches for your full product.


Draw 3 concept sketches for your full product.
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