Draw a cross section (a side view / cutaway) along line A-B in the provided plate tectonic map. I encourage you to refer to the lecture slides, and possibly online materials, to assist you in drawing your cross section accurately. You can draw by hand, then take a photo with your phone and upload it, or draw digitally, whatever is easier. Your drawing will be schematic, and does not need to be to scale (you do not need to worry about the proportions or the artistic quality of the drawing). What is important is to have the correct features in the correct places. Please include and label the following:
– oceans
– crust (distinguish between continental and oceanic)
– mantle
– lithosphere
– asthenosphere
– mid-ocean ridge(s)
– trench(es)
– volcanic arc(s)
– locations within the earth where melting is happening
– plate boundaries (label each plate boundary with a pair of arrows, showing the relative motion of the plates on each side of the plate boundary)
– label each tectonic plate
Draw a cross section