“Mark Kwame, co-founder and managing partner of Drive Capital, predicts that four-year university system is on its way out due to fundamental changes within the skill set required for any position (Building the Entrepreneurial Workforce. 2015). The push to teach only the “needed skills” jeopardizes the core purpose of education, originally positioned to develop and nourish young minds, while creating life-long learners, not selfabsorbed and self-centered, aware of the issues facing our society. The narrow -minded skill driven spectrum is replacing the broad-minded educational format throughout the academic world. Considering today’s environment of rapid technological changes, many of the “needed tools” become obsolete by the time students finish their degree or shortly thereafter. Through “teaching only the needed skills” focus, academia created a very limited framework, with graduates being successful only if their desired career path remains unchanged (no longer a very plausible scenario).” What is a solution for this particular issue? Please justify your answer by providing concrete examples from your work place. Write an approximately 1800 word, APA formatted, with three sources. Please reflect not only on the presented articles but on the ones, you find online or in our library. References America’s Teachable Moment (2015). Pitfalls of career-focused education, and steps educators can take to avoid them. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/v/IeVz3hT8qcA?start=1212&end=1358&?autoplay=1 Building the Entrepreneurial Workforce (2015). Is the four-year institution on the way out? Perspectives on nano-degrees and new formats for education. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/v/fxOzH-QI5g4? start=1513&end=1659&?autoplay=1 Lennon, C. (2016). What Is The Career Readiness Crisis And How Is It Affecting Young People Today? Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/jpmorganchase/2016/02/12/what-is-the-career-readiness-crisis-andhow-is-it-affecting-young-people-today/#e3bbb2156ac1 


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