Watch the following video from World Economic Forum ( The video will highlight selected global conference participants at the Annual Meeting 2009 in Davos answer the question “What are the characteristics that future leaders need?” This question is posed to select Global Leader Fellows of the World Economic Forum. Review the video in light of the global leadership competencies presented in the previous five weeks of this course. 

After viewing the video, write a 12-15 page action plan and analyze the comments made by the Global Leader Fellows.

 Compare and contrast what you have learned thus far in the course with the comments of the Global Leader Fellows.

 How can the theories and practices learned in this course, in addition to the course guidance, help you develop into a strong leader? 

Address the challenges for global leaders in the future, and if they are the same or different from what was learned in the course to what is stated on the video? What role does culture play in leading both individual followers and global organizations? Compare and contrast both the course content and the online video in detail and explain how you reached your findings.

Due 6/28 By 11PM (EST) 12-15 Pg..APA 6th Ed