Image Analysis Assignment
Instructions: Choose one of the two themes listed below to do an online search that speaks to these broad themes addressed in chapter 1 or 2 of the SánchezNew Mexico: A History. Make sure you complete the 4 steps described.
1.         Do an online search for a visual image on Google, Library of Congress   ) that speaks to issues, events, groups, historical figures, etc… connected to the following broad themes:
a) Early people of New Mexico
b) Spanish Exploration (Conquest, Culture, Religion or Culture in New Mexico before 1821.)
Purpose: Choose an image that allows you to write a 1-2 page long response of description and analysis of what the image tells us about New Mexico history during the Prehistory or Spanish Exploration period before 1821. And also one or two discussion question on the topics or issues raised by the image you choose.
Format: 12-font, double space  Use Chicago Style, check the end of the page on how to cite “website content” on this link:
2.         Copy and paste the image you selected.
3.         Write a brief explanation about why you chose this image and explain what it say about New Mexico’s early peoples or Spanish presence, conquest, culture, religion, etc… Be specific. Read into the image what does it show, what is going on in the image, who is in the image, does it connect to something you read on Sánchez’s book or something you know or have seen in person or discussed in this class.
4.         Prepare a question or two for the class that will allow the class to discuss the significance of the term, issue, or event your image portrays. No true or false, yes or no questions, but rather questions that prompt the class to participate or take a stance on the issue or to dig further into a theme, etc…
Early people of New Mexico

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