Growing and Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm 286

Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Firms 289

Institutions, Resources, and Entrepreneurship 289

Growing the Entrepreneurial Firm 293

Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm 298

Debates and Extensions 301

Management Savvy 303

Chapter 10: Entering Foreign Markets 310

Overcoming the Liability of Foreignness 312

Where to Enter? 315

When to Enter? 318

How to Enter? 320

Debates and Extensions 326

Management Savvy 329

Contents vii

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3.7 Geely’s Acquisition of Volvo 455

3.8 Hilton Welcomes Chinese Travelers at Home and Abroad 459

Part 4 Building Functional Excellence 465

Chapter 14: Competing on Marketing and Supply Chain Management 466

Three of the Four Ps in Marketing 468

From Distribution Channel to Supply Chain Management 474

The Triple As in Supply Chain Management 475

How Institutions and Resources Affect Marketing and Supply Chain Management 478

Debates and Extensions 481

Management Savvy 483


Emphasizing Informal Institutions: Cultures, Ethics, and Norms
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