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that I have left no major streams of research untouched. Feel free to check the Name Index to verify this claim.

Finally, the third edition of Global Business continues to have a global set of cases contributed by scholars around the world—an innovation on the IB market. Virtually all other IB textbooks have cases written by book authors. In comparison, this book has been blessed by a global community of case contributors who are based in Austria, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, and the United States. Many are experts who are located in, or are from, the countries in which the cases take place. For example, we now have a Brazil case penned by a Brazil-based author (see the Integrative Case on Jobek do Brasil), and two China cases written by China-based authors (see the Integrative Cases on Geely’s acquisition of Volvo and Sino Iron in Australia). This edition also features a Russia case contributed by the world’s top two leading experts on Russian management (see the Integrative Case on Wikimart). The end result is an unparalleled, diverse collection of case materials that will significantly enhance IB teaching and learning around the world.

More Fun If you fear that this book must be very boring because it draws so heavily on cur- rent research, you are wrong. I have used a clear, engaging, conversational style to tell the “story.” Relative to rival books, my chapters are generally more lively and shorter. Some reviewers have commented that reading Global Business is like read- ing a “good magazine.” A large number of interesting anecdotes have been woven into the text. In addition to examples from the business world, non-traditional (“outside-the-box”) examples range from ancient Chinese military writings to mu- tually assured destruction (MAD) strategy during the Cold War, from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice to Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Popular movies such as A Few Good Men, Devil’s Advocate, and Legally Blonde are also featured. In addition, numerous Opening Cases, Closing Cases, and In Focus boxes spice up the book. Check out the following fun-filled features:

Partying in Saudi Arabia (Chapter 3 Opening Case) Adding value to the dirtiest job online (In Focus 4.2) Why are US exports so competitive? (Chapter 5 Opening Case) A sticky business in Singapore (In Focus 5.1) Cry for me, Argentina (Chapter 6 Closing Case) The Greek tragedy (Chapter 8 Closing Case) The world’s best place to make Viagra (In Focus 10.1) A fox in the hen house (In Focus 11.2) Brazil’s Whopper deal (Emerging Markets 12.2) Mickey goes to Shanghai (Chapter 13 Opening Case) Wolf wars (Chapter 17 Closing Case) Milton Friedman goes global (Emerging Markets 17.1)

There is one Video Case from BBC News to support every chapter. While vir- tually all competing books have some videos, none has a video package that is so integrated with the learning objectives of every chapter.


Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.
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