Papers should be a minimum 14 pages of text, including title, summary, references, and table of contents. 

TOPIC: E-Payments (Information should use only US Based companies & Technology information )

cover below topics:

1.  Introduction

2.  E-payments History

3.  Purpose of e-Payments

4.  Types of e-Payments

5.  Advantages of e-Payments

6.  Disadvantages of e-payments

7.  Difficulties with e-payments

8.  Upcoming revolution of of e-payment

9.  Conclusion

10. References 

NOTE:  Please cite all references. Again: please cite all references

Keep in mind below to fulfill the above . 

1. Why did you choose this topic?

2. What business/industry used this technology?

3. What service/product offerings use this technology if any?

4. What are the critical factors for the success of this technology?

5. What are upcoming threats and opportunities for this technology? 

6. Compare it to other similar technologies? 

7. Looking into the future, what do you see for this technology?