Description Choose two major theories (Erick Erikson&Alfred Adler are the two theories ) of personality presented in this course and apply each of them to your autobiography from Module 1. You will be writing 2 separate papers which are 2-3 pages each. You can submit as 1 paper with a Part 1 and a Part 2. For each of the major theories that you choose, you will be examining your autobiography from that perspective. It’s as if your case study has been presented to that particular theorist and he (or she) is being asked to assess or analyze the case. Imagine you are one of the personality theorists that we have discussed this semester. You are handed the autobiography that was written in Module 1. Analyze this case study based on your theory of personality. Repeat for 1 more theorist. How did the personality develop? What are the relevant points from their autobiography? How do these major points relate to your theory? Make sure you provide a thorough analysis and reflection. You may choose to do this from a first person perspective (as if you are the theorist) or you may write this from a third person perspective (i.e. you are a Freudian theorist analyzing from a Freudian perspective). You may also write it up as case notes from a therapy session, as if this was a patient who came to see you for therapy or consultation. Additional Requirements: Submit as a Microsoft Word document. Other formats will not be accepted and will result in a 0. Use current APA format for all elements within the paper Double-spacing 12-point, Times New Roman font Be creative, but include thorough analysis based on the theorist’s perspective. Include citations from the text when applicable. text used Theories Of Personality by Duane p. Shultz


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