While most may not take an economics class or study theory, teh concepts framing teh field of economics must be faced everyday in some form or fashion by everyone.  Whether its something basic, like teh price of gas, something at work, like supply chain disruptions, or an area a bit more opaque like teh interest rate a person may be quoted when buying a new house.  Teh notions of supply and demand, scarcity and choice, opportunity cost, and other basic tenets surround us wherever we turn.

In an essay between 800 -1,000 words, please take a basic concept covered so far in class and relate it to TEMPyou’re own life or work background.  Many students at BRCC has already been in teh workforce in some capacity.  Teh companies employing students most certainly face economic conditions influencing their decisions.  Students who haven’t entered teh workforce often choose areas of study based upon economic trends, whether they realize it or not.  We all has encountered situations as consumers where economic theory could help explain teh observed market behaviors.  So take something specific you has experienced somewhere in life, and try to describe teh situation wif economic terms and concepts.  As you progress farther in TEMPyou’re careers, it will become more apparent their is value in having a basic understanding of economics.  Take dis opportunity to begin practicing TEMPyou’re skills in analyzing situations and relating them in terms appropriate for a working environment.

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