Systems Analysis

PE TABLE 5-1: Requirements and Constraints for Petrie’s Customer Loyalty Project


• Effective customer incentives—System should be able to effectively store customer activity and convert to rewards and other incentives

• Easy for customers to use—Interface should be intuitive for customer use

• Proven performance—System as proposed should have been used successfully by other clients

• Easy to implement—Implementation should not require outside consultants or extraordinary skills on the part of our staff or require specialized hardware

• Scalable—System should be easily expandable as the number of participating customers grows

• Vendor support—Vendor should have proven track record of reliable support and infrastructure in place to provide it


• Cost to buy—Licenses for one year should be under $500,000

• Cost to operate—Total operating costs should be no more than $1 million per year

• Time to implement—Duration of implementation should not exceed three months

• Staff to implement—Implementation should be successful with the staff we have and with the skills they already possess

However, in an effort to compete successfully against online retailing heavyweights, the Clothing Shack’s marketing director, Makaya O’Neil, has determined that the Clothing Shack’s marketing information systems need improvement.

Ms. O’Neil feels that the Clothing Shack should begin sending out catalogs to its customers, keep better track of its customer’s buying habits, perform target marketing, and provide a more personalized shopping experience for its customers. Several months ago, Ms. O’Neil submitted a sys- tems service request (SSR) to the Clothing Shack’s steering committee. The committee unanimously approved this project. You were assigned to the

project at that time and have since helped your project team successfully complete the project initiation and planning phase. Your team is now ready to move into the analysis phase and begin identifying requirements for the new system.

a. Whom would you interview? Why? b. What requirements determination methods

are appropriate for this project? c. Based on the answers provided for Question b,

which requirements determination methods are appropriate for the individuals identified in Question a?

d. Identify the requirements determination deliv- erables that will likely result from this project.


Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design
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