In this week’s assignment, you will build on what you have learned over the term and on the analysis you completed in Module 3 to develop a well thought through analysis of a situation that can easily occur in the healthcare arena. Analyzing situations and formulating recommendations are essential skills for healthcare administrators. Read the assigned case study carefully. You are the one of the directors of quality management at this hospital, with oversight of emergency department operations. After reading the case study and your grading rubric, please address each of the following questions in a 4-6-page paper: First, provide an analysis of the rights that were violated in this situation. In your analysis, please address the following at a minimum: What rights were violated (must address at least two) Who violated these rights Who was impacted directly and indirectly and how they were impacted (must address at least three stakeholders) Reasons why these violations may have occurred, focusing on a systems perspective Legal issues that may be present as a result (i.e. civil/criminal wrongdoing, reporting, contractual issues) Ethical issues resulting from the situation, and Any information missing that would help you identify and address legal and ethical issues. Select one ethical principle or theory and analyze how it applies in this situation. How can you use it as a healthcare administrator to guide you to a resolution for what happened to Jim and to prevent recurrence? As a healthcare administrator, and based on what you have learned about legal, ethical, and regulatory responsibilities of health organizations, propose two strong evidence-based recommendations for what the organization should do to make this right. Your recommendations must be strongly based on accepted ethical and legal theories and case law precedent. Your recommendations must also consider the perspectives of Jim, the person(s) violating the rights, and anyone else impacted by the situation. Your analysis essay must be 4-6 double spaced pages, include an introduction and conclusion, and fully formatted according to current APA guidelines including title page, running head, and a reference page


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