Prepare a 1 page double-spaced paper in APA format. The paper should have �1� margins all around, 12 point font, Times New Roman, pages numbered in upper right corner, running head and proper citations within the body of paper in APA format. The paper should include a cover page and reference page in APA format which is not include in the page count. This is a DBA in Business Administration course. The title of the course is Qualitative and Case Study Research for Business Analysis. Please write this paper as if it is your own assignment. The paper has to be scholarly written. This assignment will be submitted to turnitin. Please do not use information from another paper. Please use peer-reviewed references no older than 5 years old. Please us at least 2 of the references below. The assignment is due by April 08, 2015 by 6PM EST. I will upload the research study that we are to use for this project. You must focus on the background, problem statement, purpose statement, research question and conceptual/theoretical framework against the doctoral Study Rubric which I will upload. I am requesting you writer 337512 because you are completing my week 6 application which this should be included with this project. I know that I uploaded but apparently the professor felt that it was not correct. The professor is allowing me to correct the assignment. Thank you in advance.

Catalog Description

The D.B.A. capstone project requires that students know how to collect, organize, and interpret data. In this course, students broaden their research and general analysis skills as they further explore methodology and project types to incorporate into their doctoral study. Students engage in coursework focusing on qualitative and case study research methods, through which they learn to focus their analysis on efforts to improve the quality of an organization and its performance. Students examine techniques for thinking in an action-oriented manner, as if they were consultants, so that they can apply their own doctoral study in the real world. Finally, students engage in an iterative process of writing a proposal, incorporating feedback from peers and the course instructor. Ultimately, the proposal is offered by students as a document for review for consideration by potential mentors for their doctoral study.

Designing a Qualitative Study and Approach

The foundation of every successful doctoral study is a well-formulated business problem statement. You have likely already identified a business topic about which you are passionate, but is it a business problem that you can actually investigate? For example, does the business problem statement have a limited enough scope, and does enough research exist to support your inquiry? Critically thinking about factors such as these is necessary for constructing a pragmatic research question and a focused and promising doctoral research study.

This week, you will focus on developing your business problem statement for your own study, concentrating on its scope and on the potential resources and research methods that you can apply to it. Be sure to follow the criteria in the Walden doc study rubric. Work with your colleagues and Instructor to determine your statement’s feasibility and appropriateness as it relates to your doctoral study. You will use their feedback to hone and refine your business problem statement.

In addition, you will continue your evaluation of your selected doctoral study, focusing on the data collection methods and their fit with the identified problem and approach. Consider the relationship between the problem, the methods, and data collection techniques and how this relationship helps to focus a study………………………..

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Evaluating a Doctoral Study-Foundation of Study
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