The company is ZARA
Evaluating the suitability of ZARA’s current digital marketing activities: Highlight ZARA’s key current activity in digital marketing, as above this includes how they advertise, sell, and deliver products to the consumer, across the customer journey (PLEASE find below the customer journey). In order to build brand equity and customer loyalty over the long term, so the customer remembers the company again when they are in the stimulus stage of the journey or back in the market for the same product, service, or experience. The objective here is to look at and critically analyse what ZARA currently does to reach and serve customers digitally. Be it SEO, SEM, Email, Affiliate, PPC, Content Marketing, Social etc. analyse what their current activity is, and how effective it is, and see how they can be more effective reaching, understanding, serving, and building loyalty with customers by embedding and using the technologies we have discussed on the module i.e. AI, ML, Robotics, and Mixed Reality. In searching for consumer and company information you may find the following research techniques helpful. There are many others, but this should help give you a head-start. Search digital marketing reports for the industry your company operates in, when going through these reports you will pick up on specific strategies and activities they undertake regarding digital marketing


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