Just a reminder if you have not read your syllabus, that your first exam is scheduled for this coming weekend, Sept. 25-27. I will open the exam Friday morning, Sept. 25 and it will close at midnight, Sept. 27. You have three hours for the exam, which you take at home; never have to leave your house for this course! Exam covers chapters 15-19 in the main textbook, Give Me Liberty. Exam is 100 points, 40 of which is your essay, the most important part of the exam as far as I am concerned.
Your essays are to be full length, legitimate, college level essays; thoughtful, personal, and in-depth in your analysis and interpretation; a few sentence will not get it done; if you do so, then you will not get much credit for the essay, if any at all. I give you the topic five days in advance so there are no excused for poorly written essays other than you did not prepare properly or don’t care. You are in college now and I expect that level of personal effort and involvement in your learning. There is no word limit on your essays; you write as much as you believe is necessary to fully answer the prompt.
Essay hint: think the issue of immigration, which down to the present has been one of the most controversial, divisive issues in this nation’s history for at least the last 100 years, why? This is just a hint; the actual prompt will be more precise in stating what I want you to discuss in your essays. Give me your thoughts and opinions; no outside sources, NEVER! You use your intelligence and the text; that is all.
Exam one chapters 15-19 in the main textbook, Give Me Liberty