Students are assigned textbook/e-Text modules (do not confuse these with Canvas Modules; our publisher – Cengage – uses the term “module” instead of “chapter”). The e-Text modules are step-by-step walk-through instructions that show students how to use the features of Excel and Access. Associated with each module is an assignment that must be downloaded, completed and submitted. In addition, students are typically assigned one or more SAM Project assignments that must be submitted online by the end of the grading period.

SAM assignments are worth points toward your final grade in this class and must be completed FOR A SCORE. SAM assignments are completed and submitted online to our textbook publisher (Cengage) where the assignment is automatically graded and immediate feedback is provided in the form of a Report. Students can view the grade report and may make corrections, then re-submit in hopes of improving their score. Students get a total of 3 submissions for each SAM assignment and the highest score will be used.

SAM Assignments must be completed by the due date & time noted in Canvas. SAM assignments completed and submitted after the due date has passed will be provided feedback, but late scores will come with a late penalty (reduction in score).

Requirements: .xls fileATTACHMENTSinstructions_np_ex19_eom3_2.docxnp_ex19_eom3_2

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